Breaking News: Bolivian President Evo Morales Has Announced His Resignation

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Daily Mail: Bolivia’s socialist President Evo Morales RESIGNS after the nation’s military chief said he should leave office following fraud allegations that marred his election

* President Evo Morales announced his departure after General Williams Kaliman said the South American nation’s military chiefs wanted him gone
* Kaliman said on national television Sunday that the military’s chiefs wanted Morales gone to restore ‘peace and stability and for the good of our Bolivia’
* Kaliman stepped in within hours of Morales agreeing earlier in the day to hold a new election
* Morales’ claim to have won a fourth term last month had triggered fraud allegations, deadly protests and a split among security forces

Bolivia’s embattled socialist president Evo Morales has resigned.

Morales announced his resignation shortly after the military called on him to step down amid continued protests following the South American nation’s disputed elections.

General WIlliams Kaliman said on national television that the military’s chiefs wanted Morales gone to restore ‘peace and stability and for the good of our Bolivia’.


WNU Editor: As I had mentioned last night, this is what a revolution looks like.

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