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Dear Borderland Beat Followers;

It is with much thought that the decision has been made to shut down Borderland Beat as of Monday, October 26th at 5PM mountain time.

Our plan as of now is to re-open in January 2021.

We will attempt to tweet on the BB Twitter page at @Borderland_Beat if it appears we can contribute in an effective way.

As for now, it is too difficult to continue the blog.


The decision was made as in the best interest of BB.  

BB has come under attack in an unbelievable scenario, not a hack, but a person, a famous capo,  each of you would know his name and his story. 

He has filed a lawsuit with the federal court of the United States naming Borderland Beat as the defendant.

This is the first time in history that a capo of any magnitude, former or current,  has sued a blog, or for that matter any news site.  

It truly is mindboggling. 

What does he want?

So far, money.

Which of course BB has none.  

Buggs and all the contributors are volunteers.  Buggs has kept his project simple; volunteer generated, with no advertising.

The litigation has the potential of becoming pricy.  

‘Capo’ objected to an image.  An image where BB was not the breakout media source, that was Reforma/El Norte, then a number of blogs and media sites followed.  

Contributors at BB are like independent contractors, no one ‘approves’ the posts.  As soon as the request was made to remove the images the entire post was removed.

His name?

Buggs has decided not to divulge the name because, since his first contact, via his attorney, the capo then requested and received a court order allowing him to sue as John Doe.  

Although there isn’t a gag order on the case, Buggs feels compelled to honor the order of anonymity to include BB not sharing his true name or moniker.

Capo has recently added a number of other blogs, media sites, and newspapers to the lawsuit as well as google.

These past two months have been incredibly stressful and uncertain.  

The safety of contributors is always in question, but now with this, we are not sleeping well.

BB was founded on an idea for a project by its owner/founder Buggs.  To have this incredibly successful narco news source shut down forever in this way,  must not be the path it is forced to take.

We love you people!  You have supported us, assisted us, championed us, encouraged us.  Without YOU supporters, BB would not have succeeded to the level it has. THANK YOU.🙏🏼