Bolivia’s Evo Morales boarded plane to Mexico: Even his supporters say “Thanks…..but goodbye”

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The ousted Bolivian president signaled that his exile will be brief.  Bolivian officials in La Paz attempt to form an interim government.

The Government of Mexico granted political asylum to Evo Morales yesterday after he resigned his position as President of Bolivia and sent a plane for him.
Mexico sent a Gulfstream G-550 jet to bring the former Bolivian president from La Paz to Mexico. The plane cost 55 million dollars, and is one of 72 planes that are for sale by the AMLO administration.
On the way, the jet stopped in Lima, Peru, to refuel and in Asunción, Paraguay.
The Foreign Secretary, Marcelo Ebrard, said in a message to the media that Morales was given asylum “for humanitarian reasons and because of the urgent situation he faces in Bolivia, where his life and integrity are at risk.”

He explained that the decision was protected by international conventions on the subject and the law in force in our country on asylum, and that it had the approval of the Ministry of the Interior.
At the close of this edition, the Bolivian politician was expected to land at the Mexico City International Airport.
They can’t extradite him
– The status of refugee and asylum seeker in Mexico limits the extradition of people who requested it.
-The Law on Refugees,  Protection and Political Asylum indicates that any foreigner who is in danger of his life, his freedom or security for ideas or political activities directly related to his public profile, and lacks the protection of his country, may request granting of political asylum before the SRE.
-With the asylum, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can protect the spouse or the couple from the asylee, their children and those of their partner who depend economically on the asylee.
Morales recorded an audio message promising Bolivians, “I will return soon with strength.”
The first indigenous Bolivian president left his office after weeks of growing unrest over a disputed presidential election and after the military indicated it would support the people in the streets calling for him to step down.


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