BOB GOOD: Kevin McCarthy ‘Out of Compliance’ With Conditions for Being Speaker

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Last Updated on September 13, 2023

Freedom Caucus Rep. Bob Good says that Kevin McCarthy is “out of compliance” with the conditions set for him to be the Speaker of the House and that his speakership is reaching a “point of crisis” as he refuses to make good on the promises he made to get elected.

Rep. Bob Good (R-VA) joined the John Fredericks Show on Wednesday morning as frustration among conservative members of Congress with Speaker Kevin McCarthy reaches a tipping point. Good was among the group of conservative Republicans and Freedom Caucus members who resisted Kevin McCarthy’s coronation as Speaker of the House earlier this year.

Rep. Good’s Freedom Caucus colleague, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), has recently floated using the Motion to Vacate to replace McCarthy with a speaker who will advance the America First agenda supported by the GOP base, and Good indicated that he would support that motion should it come to pass, if McCarthy continues refusing to do his job.

“Matt Gaetz did a very effective job on the House floor yesterday with the speech that he made outlining why the Speaker is not in compliance with the agreement that he made in order to get those 14 votes switched to vote for him to move forward as speaker,” Good told Fredericks. “He is out of compliance with that and now we are at the point of crisis that will define, I believe, his speakership and define this Congress.”

As Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy has been “absent” and “in the background”, Good went on to say, adding that the Freedom Caucus has drawn a “line in the sand” and will abandon support for McCarthy should he continue allowing Democrat spending to go unchecked.

The Freedom Caucus and the American People, Good said, need to get “at least what the speaker committed to back in January to become speaker” from Kevin McCarthy – which included massive cuts to the federal spending authorized under ex-Speaker Nancy Pelosi. 

“Implement our policies that reverse harmful Biden-Pelosi-Schumer policies in our spending bills and cut our spending to what was agreed to back in January,” said Good. 

Listen to Rep. Good’s Full Interview Below: 

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