Billions Lack Basic Protection Against The Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

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Experts warn that up to 3 billion people lack access to soap and clean water — vital safeguards against the coronavirus AFP/File

RFI/AFP: No soap, no water: billions lack basic protection against virus

As nations around the world fight the coronavirus pandemic with mass lockdowns and travel bans, UN experts warn that some three billion people lack even the most basic weapons to protect themselves: soap and running water.

The outbreak has infected some 200,000 people and killed 9,000, scorching through populations across the globe after emerging in China late last year.

While Europe has become the centre of the battle against the virus, closing borders and sequestering millions of people in their homes, concerns are rising for developing nations with fragile healthcare systems.


WNU Editor: In the West we wonder if we have enough ventilators, testing kits, masks and gloves to face the Covid-19 pandemic. The rest of the world wonders if they have clean water and enough soap.

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