Big Decision on Motion in Alec Baldwin Case Just As Trial Is Set to Begin

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Alec Baldwin’s involuntary manslaughter trial is finally set to get underway on July 9 and is expected to last about 10 days. It’s been almost three years since Halyna Hutchins was killed on the movie set “Rust” while Baldwin was practicing a “cross-draw” maneuver. The director, Joel Souza, was also wounded in the incident. 


On Monday, the judge decided a number of different motions, including holding that Baldwin’s role as a co-producer wasn’t relevant to the case. 

Judge Mary Marlowe Sommer ruled that evidence won’t be allowed at trial about Baldwin’s secondary role on the movie, siding with defense attorneys.

“I’m having real difficulty with the state’s position that they want to show that as a producer he didn’t follow guidelines and therefore as an actor Mr. Baldwin did all of these things wrong that resulted in the death of Ms. Hutchins because as a producer he allowed these things to happen,” Marlowe Sommer said. “I’m denying evidence of his status as a producer.”


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The prosecution had argued it was important to know his knowledge about the alleged problems on the set.

“Defendant’s role as a producer emboldened him in the days before October 21, 2021, to engage in conduct that placed others, including Ms. Hutchins at risk, by rushing crew members and making demands for quick changes to scenes, sending crew members scrambling,” special prosecutor Erlinda Johnson argued in court papers. “Mr. Baldwin’s role as producer also made him keenly aware of his duties to observe set safety rules and orderly conduct on set.”

Baldwin, Johnson contended, should have been aware that he was being “reckless and wanton” when he pointed the gun at Hutchins. 

Sommer’s ruling also blocks prosecutors from presenting potentially unflattering videos of Baldwin rushing staffers and barking orders at them.

That’s a big win for Baldwin, and it could significantly impact the outcome of the case. 

At least a couple of the motions did go the prosecution’s way. 

Last week, the judge cleared the way for crucial firearms experts for the prosecution to testify about Baldwin’s handling of the revolver and whether the gun was functioning properly prior to the fatal shooting.

On Monday, the judge sided with prosecutors to exclude at trial the summary findings from a state workplace safety investigation that places much of the blame on assistant director Dave Halls. Halls has pleaded no contest to negligent use of a firearm and may be called to testify at Baldwin’s trial.


Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, the armorer on the set (the person responsible for the firearms), was convicted on the same charge and is already serving 18 months. 

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