Biden’s Effort to Pardon the Turkeys Goes Awry

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Joe Biden can’t seem to get through any event these days without big problems. His staff now has a “Bubble Wrap” strategy to prevent him from stumbling more. But there’s only so much they can do. As I noted earlier, they can’t put a bubble wrap around his brain to prevent it from breaking. 


I wrote about the trouble he had at the military families event at Naval Station Norfolk. In addition to saying creepy things to a little girl and talking about how he “likes kids more than people,” he also told that same false story about how he could have gone to the Naval Academy. 

Then, on Monday, all he was scheduled to do was pardon turkeys. That was the sole event on his schedule. 

How complicated is it to pardon a couple of turkeys in honor of the Thanksgiving tradition? 

It’s not. But apparently, for Joe Biden, even pardoning turkeys is fraught with issues and confusion now. 

Biden spoke about it being his birthday but ran into that incoherence problem again. 

“They can actually sang birthday to me,” Biden said, adding a weird laugh. But remember, they want us to think it’s just a stutter. 

Then, when he spoke about the turkeys being from Minnesota, he was supposed to talk up the virtues of the state. 


But he botched that when he said “a thousand lakes” as opposed to being the “Land of 10,000 Lakes.” 

Then came this jumble of words about the turkeys. What the heck? 

Biden said the two turkeys, Liberty and Bell, had to work hard to get there — they had to work hard, show patience, and travel over a thousand miles to get there, he explained. It was “harder than getting a ticket to the Renaissance tour, or, or, uh, RIPBritney’s tour, she’s down uh, it’s kind of warm in Brazil right now.” He didn’t spell out RIP, and it didn’t make a lot of sense. 

Turns out he was confusing Taylor Swift, who is in Brazil, with Britney Spears. Swift had to cancel a concert over the heat. But knowing that doesn’t make what he said much more sensible. 

One reporter managed to slip in a question about the hostages — the people who should be his focus but don’t seem to be. 


But Biden said, “I’m not prepared to talk to you.” Then the music began playing. That’s the cue to Biden to walk away — the event is done. It’s also a way of trying to cover over whatever mistake he may make. 

Then suddenly, he leaves and half-jogs away. He bailed out of there in a hurry, failing to even salute the marines who he ran by. 

One has to wonder why he was running. Perhaps that’s supposed to show his vigor, part of that “Bubble Wrap” strategy to make him look better. But this time, it looked like he truly was trying to get out of there in a hurry. 

Unfortunately for Biden, the jog can’t replace the lack of coherence. 

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