be kind please rewind last australian blockbuster closes

‘Be kind, please rewind’: last Australian Blockbuster closes

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The last Blockbuster video store in Australia is closing its doors, leaving only one remaining in the world.

The store in the Perth suburb of Morley, owned by Lyn and John Borszeky, will cease trading at the end of this month, leaving the store in Bend, Oregon as the sole survivor of the franchise.

Blockbuster video store, in London.

Blockbuster video store, in London.

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The moment the closing down sale signs went up on Friday, customers began expressing their sadness, Ms Borszeky said.

She said the writing had been on the wall for a long time amid the rise of streaming services such as Netflix.

Ms Borszeky said she felt sorry for film lovers who had no or poor internet connections, and seniors who found the new technology too complicated.

“We put in a pretty good effort to be the last one in Australia, I suppose, but it was going to happen eventually and now is the time,” Ms Borszeky told AAP.

Sentimental cinephiles can get their hands on Blockbuster signs in the closing down sale, which starts on March 8.