Bayt.Com Rolls out New CV Search Tool Across the Middle East, Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Middle East USA World, the Middle East’s number one job site, just launched a revamped version of its flagship CV Search technology using artificial intelligence (AI). CV Search, already used by over 40,000 of the region’s top employers, now delivers even speedier and more accurate hiring results. 

The new CV Search experience focuses on utilizing AI to make talent matching speedier, smarter, and simpler. It relies on a database of nearly 40 million CVs, the largest of its kind in the region, with no less than 15,000 new CVs being added daily. The system is widely used, with an average of 6,000 searches taking place by employers every single day.

Akram Assaf, Chief Technology Officer of said: “We’re very excited to launch the revamped CV Search experience. Employers using have access to close to 40 million CVs. To put that in perspective, the size of’s database would make it the largest country in the GCC. With such a large amount of data, we constantly innovate and enhance our technologies to ensure we are empowering employers to easily find and hire their ideal candidates. So, our technology team, armed with artificial intelligence tactics, has revamped CV Search to be smarter, simpler, and speedier than ever before.”

AI-powered Results

With billions of data points available for employers, the new CV Search uses AI to effectively help employers conduct relevant searches. For instance, if an employer enters a search keyword such as “lawyer”, the system is smart enough to also look for other relevant job titles or skills automatically, such as “attorney”, “legal consultant”, and even “محامي (the Arabic equivalent to “lawyer”). This ensures that employers see all relevant CVs, and not just specific ones that use the exact keyword.  

On top of that, the smarter CV Search automatically applies word corrections and understands unclear search terms. The system actually learns from itself to produce the most relevant candidates.

Candidates within Milliseconds

According to’s research reports, recruiters spend less than 30 seconds viewing a single CV. This means their initial search efforts need to be done at a very rapid rate.

Previously, employers could only start the CV search after all the search criteria have been added. The latest version of Bayt’s CV Search starts to fetch the data and to produce results as soon as a single keyword is entered or a single criterion is selected, thus minimizing the load time to milliseconds.  

Bringing a large choice of relevant CVs instantly can save significant time, which recruiters can spend doing other tasks such as screening and interviewing.

Guided search

The new design of CV Search places emphasis on the most useful search fields and filters. The filters available are based on the most relevant search needs for the MENA region. Along with product tours and tooltips, employers are set to have a guided and seamless CV search process.

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