As the Press Applauds Hunter’s Lawsuit, They Throw Prior Angelic Figures Under the Bus

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What more can be said about a faction of this country that constantly touts its adherence to “the truth” but repeatedly shifts away from that claimed foundation depending on who is involved in a current news cycle? This week, we see the lack of true objectivity from the press becoming even worse.


Earlier this week, Nick Arama detailed how the Hunter Biden legal team has filed a lawsuit against the IRS and the whistleblowers who came forward. The suit alleges that the agents, in reporting on the efforts of superiors to squelch the investigation into Hunter’s finances, released the younger Biden’s personal information to the public. There is some deep irony that in a case where Hunter clearly benefitted from those inside the IRS protecting him, he is claiming to have been singled out and “targeted” by the two whistleblowers. The extended investigation being stalled to run out the clock is another indicator of him getting favorable treatment.

But now that his lawyers bungled the plea deal that was going to let this put upon and targeted figure walk free, they are turning feral, like a cornered Chihuahua. This leads to the very bizarre reality of a member of the First Family suing a government agency lorded over by Joe Biden. The desperation is palpable, but it is something the press will not acknowledge. Most outlets have been distinctly neutral on this story, with some applauding the move.

At the Washington Post, Devlin Barrett described it as “Biden’s most aggressive move yet.” On the CBS Nightly News Norah O’Donnell enthused that “Tonight Hunter Biden’s legal team is going on the offensive, filing a lawsuit against the IRS for the alleged unlawful release of his private tax details.” 


This is a clearly unfounded claim, but worse — a clear attempt at intimidating whistleblowers. The agents followed proper reporting procedure by first going to The House Ways and Means Committee with their general complaint. That committee is entitled to view personal tax information, and then, if deemed worthy, it is that body that would reveal things publicly. This is a flowchart few in the press will detail, but what is even more telling is the shift in support by most in the press. 

The IRS is an entity that is normally favored and defended by the press. When Barack Obama was weaponizing the service against conservative groups, the press roundly saw it as a fitting move. Recently, when Joe Biden signed off on legislation expanding the money-hoovering agency by well over 80,000 agents, many in the press rose up to defend the good honor of the IRS. Joe Scarborough feared for the lives of these newly hired samaritans.


Now? Well…since they like Hunter’s dad, and hate the people trying to make him look bad, the IRS can now be cloaked as a dark entity worthy of being sued. But the bigger departure in the media is in the treatment of the whistleblowers. What happened to the concept of these brave souls being elevated to a protected class just a few years ago?


Recall during the Trump years, whistleblowers willing to speak out against the hated president were revered. The press routinely called out that there could be no form of pushback, retribution, or threats to the careers of these noble figures. Whistleblowers were practically sainted until 2021.

After Joe Biden was sworn in, however, those coming forward now are looked at critically or are said to not be real whistleblowers because protocols were violated and other claims. Now, it is acceptable to sue whistleblowers because they do not like the people who are exposing bad behavior from their preferred figures. 

Imagine the vacancy of your standards that you would abandon prior positions in order to support, or at least tacitly condone, the desperate actions of a recidivist elitist like Hunter Biden. That is the state of our current media complex.

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