Armed Men Kill Wounded Patient Aboard Ambulance, Shoot Paramedic In Sinaloa. July, 1, 2024

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This article was translated and reposted from LUZ NOTICIAS

The events occurred on Monday afternoon in the town of Los Mayos.


JULY 1, 2024

A paramedic was shot and wounded when subjects shot a patient who had been shot in the town of Los Mayos, Sanalona.
The wounded paramedic’s name is Jesús, who suffered a gunshot wound, which was embedded in his left arm. 
The identity of the deceased was not released, he was left on board the ambulance of the Hospital Integral de Tamazula, Durango in which he was being transported.
The ambulance was abandoned on the highway leading from Los Mayos to Sanalona, which was left under guard by the authorities while waiting for the experts to arrive and remove the body from the scene.
Paramedics provided support to paramedics
Preventive agents provided assistance to the paramedic wounded by the stray bullet when subjects attacked the ambulance to finish off the victim. 
On the way, the patrol car where the wounded paramedic was being transported was intercepted by paramedics from Grupo Gerum de rescate salvamento, who continued on their way to the hospital in Culiacán.
The paramedic’s health condition is reported as stable; the characteristics of those responsible for the attack were not disclosed.