Are Xi Jinping’s China And Donald Trump’s US Destined For Armed Conflict?

USA World
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WNU Editor: Aside from what Chinese nationalist may want …. seizing Taiwan, enforcing their South China Sea and other territorial claims with military force …. there is no sentiment in Beijing or Washington for war. What we are actually entering is a economic/financial/and political conflict. China’s asset is its growing economy, and the perception that it will be the world’s largest and most vibrant economy within 20 years. And in my opinion this perception is justified. Chinese President Xi’s recent remarks that China will now embrace free market forces to drive its economy while the U.S. is trending towards more government involvement and debt financing will produce that result …. Chinese President Xi Says China Won’t Return To Planned Economy. Markets Will Now Play A ‘Decisive Role’ (May 24, 2020). Internationally …. the U.S. has built a network of allies and partners that China does not have and that gives Washington a lot of leverage. But all things never last forever. And if the U.S. does not get its economic house in order after this pandemic, I can easily see a shift in these alliances as economic concerns within these countries drive them to form closer relations with China. We are already seeing this trend in Europe, and I predict that it will only grow with time.

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