amtrak train stuck in oregon since sunday is moving again

Amtrak train stuck in Oregon since Sunday is moving again

Train stalled in snow Image copyright Carly Bigby
Image caption Passenger Carly Bigby shared photos of the stalled train

A train that was stuck in the snow for nearly 40 hours with 183 passengers on board has resumed its journey – by going backwards.

The Amtrak service from Seattle to Los Angeles was stopped by a tree on the track in Oregon on Sunday evening.

Heavy snow and downed trees prevented crews from reaching the train until Tuesday morning. A locomotive then pulled it back to Eugene, Oregon.

No one was hurt but passengers said there was a lack of food and water.

Other items such as nappies and female sanitary products were also running out and people said stress levels were rising.

One passenger, Rebekah Dodson, told KTVL News: “We’ve gotten yelled at for opening windows. We can’t get off the train because there’s 4ft (1.2m) of snow in every direction. There’s nowhere to go.”

In a separate interview with CNN she said several students “panicked” because their university professors were refusing to accept their excuse for missing classes.

She added that the group includes about 20 students from Japan, and that there is poor mobile phone reception in the region.

Several American Red Cross volunteers were waiting to offer snacks and water to the passengers once the train reached Eugene.

The Coast Starlight Train 11 was stuck near Oakridge, a small town that lost power and saw roads blocked after it was covered in heavy snow.

Image copyright Carly Bigby
Image caption There are reportedly babies and children on board the train

Amtrak said no passengers would be charged for any food or water. They were working with the Union Pacific rail company to clear tracks.

Passenger Carly Bigby told the BBC a locomotive had arrived around 06:00 local time on Tuesday, though Amtrak informed them it was “going to be a slow go”.

In a statement, Amtrak said the train was ultimately on its way back to its point of departure, Seattle, but “due to weather conditions, additional delays are to be expected along the route”.

In a further statement from its chief executive, Amtrak expressed “sincere regret” and promised refunds.