AMLO landed in Washington DC for meeting with Trump-LeBarón Family plan demonstration

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Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

President López Obrador arrived tonight in Washington DC for a Wednesday meeting with President Trump. He will take wreaths to the monument of Benito Juárez and the Lincoln Memorial. 
He will meet with President Trump at the White House at 2PM.
LeBarón family Protest
The LeBarón family will protest in Washington during president AMLO’s  visit, in remembrance of the massacre suffered by their community on 11.4.19.
Announced a demonstration outside the White House with banners.
“I think that although President Lopez Obrador’s agenda did not include security, we are going to remind you that it is essential to find solutions.

“Finding solutions together is essential, to have a future as a country,” said Adrián LeBarón on his social networks.  He lost a daughter and two granddaughters in the attack.
Meanwhile, Bryan LeBarón stressed that the weapons used to kill people in Mexico come mostly from the United States.
He announced that they will demonstrate outside the White House with banners.
The members of the LeBarón family said that the idea of ​​the trip arose at the last moment, noting that security did not appear on the agenda of topics to be discussed among the Presidents.


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