AMLO: In my government there are no pacts with crime:

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The socialist president of Mexico blames conservativism for corruption and rise of criminal organizations.  He did not address his administration ending 2019 with the deadliest toll in history
President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that in his government there is no protection or agreements with criminal organizations as in the case of the security secretary in the administration of Felipe Calderón, Genaro García Luna.
“It is no longer as they did before, it is not the case as of Mr. García Luna, this is different, that (complicities such as those of the former official arrested in the United States) has to do with conservatism because, with all due respect, they are very corrupt”.
The issue was thus addressed by the president in his morning press conference, when a foreign correspondent asked him why he always spoke badly about his adversaries, but never about the cartels, a word he has avoided in his expressions using “criminal organizations instead.”

“They are […] organizations that do a lot of harm to the country, to society and that, unlike before, […] now the one that pays it. It’s not like before they ruled Mexico, now it’s different.
“What happens […] is that we are giving almost the same weight to white-collar crime, as organized crime, because I have maintained for a long time – and this is perhaps unprecedented – that Mexico’s main problem it’s corruption, political corruption, ”he said.
López Obrador went further by saying that publications such as Forbes, had measured the wealth of Joaquín Guzmán Loera as one of the richest people in Mexico and the world, questioning the veracity of that information and, finally, exposing that the money from corruption in Mexico it can be superior.
Finally, he stressed that in his government he fights all criminal organizations, without protecting one and persecuting others.
“No longer, are there any preferences.”


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