AMLO appoints Doc Mireles to medical supervisory role

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Mireles supervises the ISSSTE Clinics of Uruapan and Morelia; urging improvements
As followers of Doctor Mireles know, since his release from prison, three years after his arrest, the court acquitted him of all charges in 2018.
When he was released he was a different man, less sure, less strong.  While he was in prison he suffered a fracture of the spine and was not given medical treatment for a long period.  He also suffered two heart attacks, which may have been linked to being improperly medicated and diet.  “I had two heart attacks, I still have diabetes. And I have spinal problems.  I gained that here, from the inside; I didn’t have that outside”.
During and after his release, the new president of Mexico Andres Manuel López Obrador, has been an ardent supporter and worked for his release. 

Upon his release;
“I am happy to see you all, I thank you all for all the support you have given me, because the struggle must continue,” said the former autodefensa leader of Michoacán.
As time went by it was evident his days of leading autodefensas were over.  It is a high probability he made an agreement to stay away from autodefensa activity.  If you take a look at his twitter page you will find political tweets, and medical tweets, missing is autodefensa news, not even about the violent new war in his home town between El Abuelo and El Mencho.
So, it is as though we see him now where we found him, a medical doctor, working the clinics, working the career he loves—–he appears happy and well, and for us who respects and cares about him, that is a great thing.
Article about his appointment from Advance Michoacán
Morelia, Mich., – As of September 1, 2019., – Dr. José Manuel Mireles Valverde, Medical Sub delegate of the ISSSTE in the State, led this weekend a series of tours of the ISSSTE hospital clinics, in which the objective  was very clear: to review the operation of the first level clinics in the entity and the treatment of the beneficiaries.
Fulfilling the assignment assigned by the President of the Republic, Andres Manuel López Obrador, Dr. Mireles Valverde, has led permanent tours of hospital clinics, including weekends; So on this occasion he visited the Uruapan Hospital Clinic and the General Vasco de Quiroga Hospital in the capital of Michoacán [Morelia].
Similarly, Mireles Valverde accompanied Javier Huerta Jurado, deputy director of Human Resources of the Normative Directorate of Administration of the ISSSTE, during the observation he made of the Regional Hospital of Morelia.
During these tours, both agreed on the urgency of maintaining permanent monitoring of medical areas throughout the state, and on the urgency of promoting professional profiles in each of the medical posts.
Finally, Mireles Valverde commented that these supervisory tours will continue, and instructed the medical staff to maintain the highest standards of quality to the public and recalled that the most important thing is to ensure health and provide quality service to the beneficiaries.