African Champions League: Fan death overshadows win for Libya’s Al Nasr

Saif Al-Nasr Al-Jatlawi was one of the best-known fans of Libyan club Al Nasr

Libyan club Al Nasr is mourning one of its best-known fans following his death on Tuesday after celebrating an African Champions League win on Sunday.

Saif Al-Nasr Al-Jatlawi died from gunshot wounds he suffered during the post-match celebrations in the Libyan city of Benghazi.

Al-Jatlawi was among a crowd of fans who had watched the 3-1 win over CAR’s AS Tempete Mocaf on television.

The match was played in Egypt because of a Fifa-imposed ban on international matches being played in Libya due to the ongoing security concerns in the country.

After the win, which saw Al Nasr progress 3-2 on aggregate to face Morocco’s Raja Casablanca, as fans celebrated outside the club’s stadium an argument between two people which resulted in gun fire with a stray bullet hitting Al-Jatwali.

He was immediately taken to the intensive care unit at the Al-Jala hospital in Benghazi where he remained until he passed away on Tuesday afternoon.

Al-Jatlawi was a well-known face among the Al Nasr fans and the club has expressed its condolences and mourned the death of a young man, who it says “will never be forgotten”.

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