Afghanistan: COVID-19 emergency response – Middle East and Eastern Europe Regional Situation Report #10 – 16 July 2020

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Key Messages

World Vision Lebanon calls on the Ministry of Interior and municipalities to play a stronger role regarding the child labour law enforcement, to prioritise responding to children in street situation and to coordinate with civil society organisations and NGOs specialised in case management.

World Vision Afghanistan calls on the Government of Afghanistan, UN agencies and NGOs to provide specialised services for children working in the street in Herat, including tailored PPS interventions, case management support, safe referral pathways and financial assistance to families to support access to education.

Situation Overview

COVID-19 Cases: 186,437
COVID-19 Deaths: 6,867

Iraq saw a 600 percent rise in cases in June indicating that external support will be required to limit further contagion. The rise in COVID-19 cases has prompted Gol and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) authorities to extend movement restrictions. Health services are being reinforced but still face capacity shortages.

In North-West Syria, the first coronavirus case was confirmed. With limited capacity to identify and test cases of COVID-19 in North Syria, the aid community and local population have increasing fears over the devastating impact that infection can have on an already vulnerable state.

Protests over economic conditions risk destabilising the security situation in government areas. Protracted economic deterioration may also exacerbate corruption and governance issues.

Authorities in Israel, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Serbia have introduced new restrictions on movement and gathering in response to growing case numbers.

Lebanon continues to suffer from growing economic crisis. In June, a survey by the World Food Programme found that COVID-19 restrictions had led to unemployment of almost one out of three Lebanese and to job losses for 61 percent of Syrian women and 46 percent of Syrian men.

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