A Look At When The CIA Interferes In Foreign Elections

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Former CIA director John Brennan testifying before the House Intelligence Committee in Washington, May 2017. Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

David Shimer, Foreign Affairs: When the CIA Interferes in Foreign Elections

A Modern-Day History of American Covert Action

Russian President Vladimir Putin tends to respond to questions about his government’s interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election with a mix of denials and countercharges. It is the United States, he alleged in June 2017, that “all over the world is actively interfering in electoral campaigns in other countries.” The purpose of this claim is to excuse and distract from Russia’s actions, and in many places overseas, it’s working. From Kyiv to Brussels to London, government officials told me that they assume the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) frequently interferes in elections abroad.


WNU Editor: The CIA is not the only US government agency that interferes in foreign elections. The US State Department is a major player. Take the case of US Undersecretary of State for Europe and Eurasia Victoria Nuland in 2014 admitting that the US had spent $5 billion to “influence” Ukraine …. Senior U.S. Diplomat Admits That The U.S. Has Spent $5 Billion To Influence The Ukrainian Government (February 27, 2020).

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