A Look At Soldiers Sleeping In The US Capital Building

USA World

National Guard members sleeping at the U.S. Capitol, January 13. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts 

Sleep can be hard to come by in the service. 
One of the very first things you learn when you enlist is that you should take any and every napping opportunity possible, despite the location. 
As thousands of National Guard members filter through the halls of the U.S. Capitol, civilians are getting firsthand looks at just how easily soldiers can turn a concrete floor into a comfortable nest. 
If dozing off in uncomfortable places and positions were an Olympic sport, service members take home gold every time. 
That’s why we decided to pull together a definitive ranking of some the best, worst, and downright ridiculous sleeping positions in recent military history, on scale from 1 to 10, in terms of insanity. 
WNU Editor: This is where I am always freaking-out my girl friend. I can shut down in a minute and sleep anywhere and in any position. And my sleep is a deep sleep. Of course she thinks I am an alien. 🙁