A Covid-19 Coronavirus Vaccine Will Not Change The World Right Away

USA World

Carolyn Y. Johnson, Seattle Times/The Washington Post: Coronavirus vaccine will not change world right away

In the public imagination, the arrival of a coronavirus vaccine looms large: It’s the neat Hollywood ending to the grim and agonizing uncertainty of everyday life in a pandemic.

But public health experts are discussing among themselves a new worry: that hopes for a vaccine may be soaring too high. The confident depiction by politicians and companies that a vaccine is imminent and inevitable may give people unrealistic beliefs about how soon the world can return to normal and could lead to resistance to simple strategies that can tamp down transmission and save lives in the short term.

Two coronavirus vaccines entered the final stages of human testing last week, a scientific speed record that prompted top government health officials to utter words such as “historic” and “astounding.” Pharmaceutical executives predicted to Congress in July that vaccines might be available as soon as October, or before the end of the year.


WNU Editor: From what I have read and from listening to the “experts”, I am not optimistic that there will be a viable vaccine anytime soon. These things take time, and this virus has shown itself to be resilient and full of surprises.

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