82% Of Americans Want A Monthly Stimulus Check Until The Lockdown Ends

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Jeff Fusco/Stringer

Study Finds: Three In Four Americans Agree Universal Healthcare Is Needed During Coronavirus Pandemic

* More than eight in ten adults agree that the country should provide monthly stimulus checks to citizens until the outbreak ends.
* While 30% of Americans agree that President Trump was unprepared at the outset of the pandemic, 62% think he’s handled the crisis well overall.

LONDON — A recent survey shows how the opinions of the American public have changed over the course of the coronavirus pandemic when it comes to the federal government’s role in one’s health and financial status. Most Americans feel that now, perhaps more than ever before, the country must improve the way it cares for citizens who are unwell and provides for those who are most in need.

The survey of 2,000 adults was conducted by OnePoll over the last few days of April — right when many states were beginning to lift some of the restrictions they put in place at the start of the pandemic. More than three-quarters of respondents agreed that now is the right time for the country to experiment with universal healthcare. Additionally, 76% of respondents feel that people who contract COVID-19 shouldn’t be charged for their medical expenses at all.


WNU Editor: The desire to get a government check with no strings attach exists in all of us. But this is not sustainable, and in the end someone will have to pay for it.