8 CDN narcos [Members] killed in Guerrero Coahuila

Latin America World

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  Reforma

Eight armed civilians were killed in the Municipality of Guerrero by elements of the State security forces, the Coahuila Public Security Secretariat reported.
Through a statement, the agency explained that at about 3:30 pm, in this town located about 40 kilometers from Piedras Negras, police agents were attacked by subjects carrying long weapons with acronyms from the Northeast Cartel.
“The events, which the State Attorney General’s Office was informed, happened at the Santa Teresa Ranch, where the elements of the State Police repelled a firearm aggression,” he said.
“In the place long weapons and cartridges were secured, whose quantification is still in process, as well as supplies with the acronym CDN.”

After the report of the armed aggression, elements of the Ministry of National Defense and the National Guard, as well as members of the different police corporations, moved to the area.


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