7 Yr Old Girl Loses Eye to a Stray Bullet While in BED in Iztapalapa

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                                                      Balas Perdidas / Stray Bullets
                      Officials request help from the IPN to investigate the origin of the bullet

Mexico City:  Megan, the 7-year-old girl, wounded by a stray bullet when she was sleeping in her bed in the El Manto neighborhood in Iztapalapa , lost her left eye and although she remains hospitalized, she remains stable,  sources close to the family say.

The Office of the Attorney General of the capital will invite the National Polytechnic Institute so that the specialists can make scientific opinions that allow to know how far the firearm was fired, and from what place.

The residents of El Manto reported that early Saturday morning they heard several shots, allegedly made outside the premises where there are several homes occupied by people of limited resources.

The bullet that hit Megan fell on the roof of the 25 square meter house, located at the intersection of Mafafa Street and San Lorenzo Avenue. The projectile went through the roof galvanized sheet, penetrated the face of the child and lodged in the maxilla. The house has partition walls, an iron door, and has all  services.

The parents of the victim sell bread outside the premises with a table, reported René Cortés, of the Popular Front Francisco Villa, an organization that manages the property where some 300 people live, approximately half of them minors.

The studies of the IPN and the Attorney General’s Office have already been carried out in the case of Aideé, an 18-year-old student who was murdered in her classroom in the CCH Oriente by a criminal who shot less than 50 meters away. within the campus of the UNAM.

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