5 Bodies Hanging from Bridges in Chihuahua

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Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: ddgnoticias y mvsnoticias

Early Tuesday morning the lifeless bodies of five people were located , three of them hanging on a bridge in the town of Santa Lucia , while two others were tied up on the ground under a bridge in the Pampas field sector. 

The bodies of the three people – two women and one man – were hanged this morning on a bridge on federal highway number 16, which leads from Cuauhtémoc to Chihuahua , at kilometer 98 + 200, in the town of Santa Lucia. One of the women had no pants.

They belong to a woman between 45 and 50 years old, another to a woman of approximately 20 to 25 years, as well as to a man from 25 to 30 years old, where firefighters lent their ladder car to be able to lower the bodies. 

The bodies, which were in sight of those who were traveling along that section of the road, were picked up and taken to the Forensic Medical Service to perform the autopsy. 

In the second finding, elements of the Municipal Police located two lifeless people – a woman and a man – tied with ropes, under a bridge located at kilometer 110, on federal highway number 16, in the direction of La Meeting. 

Both were lying on the public street in a fetal position, with their hands tied behind their backs, while the police were searching for a supposed burning vehicle. Despite the conditions of the vehicle when located, red spots were found , apparently, that would be blood.

Hours after the discovery of the five bodies, the Municipal Police found a burned car near a Mennonite camp.

Despite the conditions of the vehicle, red spots could be found of what, apparently, would be blood.