45 Kilos of Cocaine Found in Banana Boxes in Washington State Safeway Stores

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Kilos of cocaine found in banana boxes at 3 Washington Safeway stores:

Cocaine valued at more than $1 million was found inside shipments of bananas at three Safeway stores in Western Washington.

The King County Sheriff’s Office recovered 22 kilos, nearly 50 pounds, of cocaine at a Safeway in Woodinville. The drugs were valued at roughly $550,000. 

“That’s huge, we don’t see that very often,” said King County Sheriff’s Sgt. Ryan Abbott.

Similar shipments of cocaine were found in banana boxes at Safeway stores in Federal Way and Bellingham. 

Employees at the Bellingham Safeway were unpacking boxes on August 18 and found cocaine stacked at the bottom of the boxes. The workers immediately called police. 

The cocaine found in Bellingham weighed in at 23 kilos, or just over 50 pounds. The drugs are now in custody of Bellingham police. 

A police spokesperson said the Safeway distribution center is outside Washington state, but the same center distributes to 144 stores on the West Coast. It’s unclear where the bananas were grown. 

The Drug Enforcement Administration is investigating all three discoveries.

Kalie Greenberg
 · 13h
 Bellingham Police confirm employees at the local @Safeway found roughly 50 pounds of cocaine inside a produce shipment (🍌🍌🍌) on Sunday.

Bellingham PD said police and the #DEA are investigating similar shipments to Safeways in #FederalWay and #Woodenville. @KING5Seattle

In #Woodinville @KingCoSheriff said roughly 50 pounds of cocaine were found inside a container of bananas 🍌 at the @Safeway totaling $550,000. @KING5Seattle

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