4.1 Tons of Cocaine Seized in Two Semi-Submersibles off Coast of El Salvador

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“Socalj” For Borderland Beat

El Salvador’s navy seized two semi-submersible boats carrying 4.1 metric tons of cocaine off the country’s Pacific coast, the government said.

President Nayib Bukele said the cocaine was worth almost $104 million. It was the largest seizure so far in Bukele’s administration, which began in June 2019.

The Navy detained five Colombians and two Ecuadorians found aboard the two vessels, officials said. Much of the illegal drug flow headed for the U.S. market passes by air or sea to Central America, and then on to Mexico.

Semi-submersibles are not true submarines, but rather are boats that have been built or modified to keep a very low profile in the water to make detection harder.