2 American Fugitives Arrested in Baja California

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Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: UniMexicali

Two Americans were arrested for kidnapping, rape and robbery at immigration checkpoints; neither criminal had obtained Mexican Tourist Visas..

The Coordination of the International Liaison of the State Preventive Police (PEP) and the National Institute of Migration (INM), detected in Baja California the presence of two fugitives from the United States law, one wanted for kidnapping and rape and another for theft.

At the first migratory control point located in Lomas de la Presa, in Tijuana,  located  a person of American origin who did not have documentation to guarantee his legal stay in the country of Mexico. 

Oscar ¨N¨, 20 years old, originally from Orange County, California, who, based on the exchange of information with the US Marshal department, was arrested for having an active arrest warrant.

The order was made in the county of Santa Ana California, for the crime of kidnapping and rape.

Simultaneously, during a migratory control operation deployed in Mexicali, Jorge ¨N¨, 34 years old, originally from Los Angeles, California, was detected on Baja California Avenue in the Pueblo Nuevo neighborhood. 

After asking the detainee today to prove his legal stay in the country, it was not possible because he did not have such documentation; it was preceded to verify their generals with authorities of their country of origin.

Jorge ¨N¨ was issued with an arrest warrant for the crime of robbery, as well as belonging to the “Los Tortilla Flats” gang.

Both detainees were at the disposal of the corresponding authority and then transferred to their country of origin where they will be tried according to their laws.


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