18 bags with human remains found in Zapopan, Jalisco

Latin America World

“MX” for Borderland Beat; TY “Sol Prendido”

According to investigators, the victims were killed at least three or four days prior to their discovery. It is known when the bags were dumped at this location. 

While doing a surveillance tour, Zapopan Municipal Police officers found a limb in a grassy area close to a highway. They called state authorities to join them in their finding, only to discover that there were at least 18 bags stuffed with humans remains.

The bags were found a few blocks away from Estadio Akron, a multipurpose stadium that is used mostly for association football matches. It is the home of Club Deportivo Guadalajara (popularly known as Las Chivas), one of Mexico’s most popular sports teams. 

Agents from the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences retrieved the bodies and sent them to their facilities. They are working to determine the exact number of dismembered bodies found inside the bags.

This week, the metropolitan area of Guadalajara – the state capital – was the scene of several violent events. On Monday, a kidnapping attempt turned into a shootout in one of Zapopan’s exclusive shopping centers. The attack left three injured, one dead, and one missing, as reported by Borderland Beat. Two days later, at least 5 people were killed in Tlaquepaque.

Last Wednesday, Jalisco became the state with the highest homicide rate in Mexico, more than twice than the State of Mexico or the neighboring state of Michoacan. Jalisco also ranks among the highest in disappearances. 

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