15 Percent Of Tibet’s Population Has Been Transferred To Chinese Internment Camps

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China has coerced more than 500,000 Tibetan people into military-style training centres that act as labour camps, a study has claimed. Pictured: Paramilitary policeman stands guard in front of the Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet

Newsweek: 15 Percent of Tibet’s Population Transferred to Chinese Training Centers as Mass Labor Program Expands: Report 

More than 500,000 Tibetans have been transferred to Chinese training centers since the beginning of 2020, as an existing mass labor initiative expanded in the region. The figure accounts for roughly 15 percent of Tibet’s total population. According to a new Reuters report, published Tuesday, the militaristic recruitment program primarily targets rural farmers who are then trained to support Chinese industries. 
Its presence in Tibet, fueled by quotas established by Chinese authorities, marks a significant expansion of a labor program also seen in Xinjiang, an autonomous region in the country’s northwest. In Xinjiang the initiative is linked to internment camps that China officially calls “vocational” facilities, where researchers estimate at least 1 million Uighurs were detained over the past several years. Documents obtained by the Associated Press last year confirmed that those held at the detention centers were subject to ideological instruction and behavioral re-education. The Chinese government claimed to have released detainees from the camps in December, but concerns about subsequent forced labor practices surfaced soon after. 
WNU Editor: Another important news story that is being under-reported from the West.