From an “Oath Keeper”

All people enter this world the same way. All grow up in one way or another at least as age is concerned, sometimes harder than others. Some with a dark past, others in a haze of misconception of what evil can be prevalent on this small planet.

At one point or another all will finally ask themselves that one inevitable question. "Why am I here?" Though some may dismiss this question as being irrelevant taking the easier road to skate through life however they see fit. There are those who ask that question until the insanity of not knowing finally breaks the metaphorical mirror of blindness and shows that significant meaning of one’s life wrapped up in one simple word... Purpose. That point where no doubt of obligation and insignificance lingers and all drive and motive is thrown at all things imaginable pertaining to that purpose. Fulfillment is an afterthought.

I am here to protect, guide and be the light in dark places. To be the good in this world with honor, integrity and valor. Unfortunately being that light sometimes requires me to go into dark places to protect those who cannot protect themselves. That person may not be the same race, creed or religion, but I will protect all the same for one simple reason, I AM an Oath Keeper.

I will defend the man and woman to my side, the ones that stand behind me and those who cannot protect themselves against all enemies foreign and domestic.

I have sworn an oath to the Constitution of the United States of America and I will defend that with all my might. I will not bow, I will not break and I will not appease. For I am the last line of defense against any foe, anyone willing to strip the God given inalienable rights from any American set forth by the Constitution.

I will NOT comply with any law that degrades or bypasses the Constitution!
Never, ever underestimate a man or woman that knows their purpose.
I AM an Oath Keeper.

If this hits home to your own moral compass as an American, patriot, military or peace officer active and retired, we would ask you to join us or donate in protecting those who cannot protect themselves against tyrannical forces that grow in power every day.


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Texas Racial Advocacy Group Threatens to Doxx White Parents That Don’t Obey Them

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