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Philadelphia energy firm files for bankruptcy one month after blast and blaze

The company said Sunday it aimed to start refining oil again, as, “our plan is critical to the energy supply and security for the region, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the City of Philadelphia #usnews #news…

Former Democrat judge ordered to jail, dragged out of courtroom in Cincinnati

A former juvenile court judge was jailed Monday, taken out of the courtroom with her feet dragging in an end to yearslong legal challenges to her sentence. #usnews #news @thedailyusnews…

New York police slam videos showing officers pelted with objects, drenched with water: ‘reprehensible’

Videos of New York Police Department officers being doused with water and pelted with objects in separate incidents surfaced on social media on Monday, including one clip that showed officers getting drenched as they were making an…

Latin America Breaking News

U.S. and Mexico will work together to recover El Chapo’s assets

Mencho’s blacklist: killings begin

CJNG splinter cell warns AMLO and Trump of possible escapes of Menchito and Cuini

Argentina Asset Seizure Decree Debuts with Mixed Reviews

Middle East

Trump’s Jerusalem decision is a victory for Evangelical politics

Who are the Houthis, and why are we at war with them?

The global fallout over Trump’s Jerusalem decision

Trump can help Iran’s protesters by rejecting his own Iran policies


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