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Big Media NBC ‘News’ Yet Again Doing PR Work for Big Banks and Big Government

(The opinions expressed in guest op-eds are those of the writer and do not necessarily represent the views of RedState.com.) Behold the evolution of the “payday loan”.… The 2008 global economic disaster was caused by the Big Government-Big Business crony fascism that is killing this country. Big Government mandated Big Banks make millions of home loans […]

CNN Suggests That Doing Your Own Research Is “Idiotic” and Only They Can Tell You What’s Fact

When it comes to facts, CNN seems to believe that only it should be able to tell you what they are and what they aren’t. That desire goes so far as to suggest that going out and doing your own research is “idiotic.” CNN host, Don Lemon, for instance, said that “we have to start […]

FALLEN ANGEL – Call Sign: Extortion 17

Fallen Angel – Call Sign: Extortion 17 is a 2021 documentary that walks the viewer through the August 6, 2011 downing of an Army Chinook CH-47 that extinguished the lives of 30 Americans, a service dog, and eight Afghans. Among those killed were 17 SEALs, most of whom were Team Six’s gold squadron members. Extortion […]

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Apple, Google say US antitrust bills would harm user privacy and security amid bipartisan effort to rein in Big TechBig Media NBC ‘News’ Yet Again Doing PR Work for Big Banks and Big GovernmentCNN Suggests That Doing Your Own Research Is “Idiotic” and Only They Can Tell You What’s FactFALLEN ANGEL – Call Sign: Extortion 17Paul Begala Is Part of The Foundering Fathers as Democrats Continue Sinking Their Own ProspectsThe COVID Test Website Is up but There Are Already ProblemsBrianna Kupfer’s Councilman Mike Bonin Opposes ‘Criminalizing Homelessness,’ But Asked to Have a ‘Trespasser’ Removed From in Front of His OfficeSURE IT DID… China Claims Its GDP Grew 8.1% in 2021 Yet a Quarter of Its Economy Tanked Last YearJudicial Watch: FBI Letter Shows Pfizer Tied to Investigative File Targeting Project VeritasALL Residents of Illinois Will Be INVOLUNTARILY Entered Into Vaccine Database If HB 4244 Passes On January 19GOP Senate Candidate Dr. Oz Challenges Dr. Fauci to COVID Debate – Promises to Fight Against the Medical Industrial Complex (VIDEO)Update: Suspect ID’d in Murder of Brianna Kupfer – Wanted: 31-Year-Old Shawn Laval Smith – Should be Considered Armed and DangerousDelusional Biden White House Blames His Imploding Poll Numbers On ‘Messaging’Sen. John Kennedy Humorously Sums up Joe Biden’s First Year in Office in Just 20 SecondsWhat in the Fresh Hell Is Chuck Schumer Doing?Even More Dems Rush to the Exits as Midterm Wipeout LoomsAnother Twist in Ray Epps Saga Raises More Questions About That Jan. 6 Committee InterviewIconic Christian University Asks Students to Pick From Nine Gender IdentitiesCollege Student Writes a Paper About the Racism of Creamer Colonizing Coffee, His Teacher Loves ItMark Meadows to Newsmax: Americans ‘Want Donald Trump Back in the White House’

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FRANCE: Macron No Longer Views Unvaxxed as French, Vows to ‘Piss Them Off’ and ‘Reduce’ Them

Leaders must commit to green finance at COP26 to avoid climate catastrophe

Why France and Germany won’t join China’s ‘Africa Quad’

Printify bags $45M, led by Index, to ride the custom printing boom

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